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The dazzling female electric string quartet “Spinphony” is breaking down barriers between classical, rock, and pop music, mixing and mashing catchy melodies into their own unique arrangements. Whether you're a fan of Bach, ACDC, Journey, or Mozart, the virtuosic ladies will have you rocking out to the greatest melodies of all time. The crossover string group also writes their own originals in a style they call "Pop Baroque".  They perform more in the style of a rock band than a traditional string quartet with choreographed dance moves and interaction with the audience. Spinphony's unique style and high energy performances have taken them across the US and Mexico performing for both public and private events.




Spinphony's two hour show is a mix of rock, classical, pop, and originals complete with choreography, visuals, and lights. The show can be performed as a quartet + DJ, with a backing band, or with full orchestra.


The group performs classical/pop mash ups which appeal to a wide range of ages. While sticking to their classical roots by performing virtuosic classics like Vivaldi summer and Beethoven string quartets, Spinphony creates a fresh new take on the classics by mashing them up with rock favorites such as 'Bach in Black' and 'Don't Stop Beethoven'.


Spinphony, the vivacious string quartet of extremely talented ladies, blew the doors off Hoag Hall Sunday afternoon with mashed-up, rocked-out versions of classical music. Spinphony, the name derived from its early days of performing with a record-spinning DJ, opened with Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” The audience half-expected to see them moonwalking across the stage had they not been wearing heels. However, their rendition of “Thriller” was complete with the zombie-shuffle dance routine incredibly done in heels and short skirts. And herein lies the majesty of Spinphony’s electrifying performance: by reminding us that classical music was the pop songs of their day.
Imagine mixing AC/DC with Bach, or Aerosmith and Coldplay with Beethoven and Mozart, and you have what Spinphony calls Pop-Baroque. It is remarkable how in the emotionally moving rendition of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” the four women on stage could make their violins and violas sound as though they were crying. Equally incredible is the Herculean feat of dancing for two hours strapped to a stringed monstrosity known as the cello.
Erik Segall Life
The Pueblo Chieftain

Generally speaking, classical music doesn’t give audiences all that much to look at. The back of a conductor’s neck. The right elbow of the concert master. Maybe a head popping over the top of a standing bass. It’s really about listening. Spinphony, by contrast, is a visual jolt. The all-female string quartet is known for bouncing across the stage, hair flying, bows flailing. There are high heels and miniskirts in the mix, sometimes even a little smoke on stage.
For sure, Spinphony knows how to take classical seriously; the players are all conservatory-trained. But it has a good bit of fun, too. Both the music and the members are — dare I say it? — kind of sexy, and that’s not something you say often when talking about string ensembles.
So, they can, and do, handle straightforward renditions of “The Four Seasons,” but they might let a little tango slip into the act. For traditional jobs, they skip the jewelry and cover their arms. Spinphony has space for cowboys boots, plunging necklines, sequins, choreography, clever arrangements and, in a genre that emphasizes teamwork, a fair amount of individuality and free association.
Ray Rinaldi

The Denver Post


We had the great pleasure of having Spinphony perform at two of our major events over the past year and both times they were SPECTACULAR! Our attendees were blown away by their HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCES and distinctive spin on different genres of music, blending classical hits with pop and rock. These AMAZING and uniquely talented virtuosic string players, along with their DJ, embody a refreshing sound that is nothing like anything you have experienced before. We received so many compliments and inquiries from our group praising Spinphony and wanting to know who they were. I would highly recommend them for your next event!  You won’t be disappointed!
Marilyn G. Hunter, CMP
Director, Meetings & Special Events
National Association of Chain Drug Stores


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